Did you know that VetRx is NOT a treatment for respiratory diseases. The majority of respiratory diseases CANNOT be cured (birds will remain lifelong carriers). Some of the symptoms may be managed with appropriate antibiotics and VetRx may alleviate some of the milder symptoms, but it is in no way an actual treatment.

The active ingredients for VetRx are:

• Alcohol- we all know how great this feels on the smallest of skin irritations

• Canada balsam aka turpentine (there is limited safety data available so this ingredient MAY be toxic)

• Camphor- which can be highly toxic

• Oil origanum- this could be oregano or marjoram

• Oil rosemary

• Corn oil

VetRx is not regulated by the FDA and they have not found it to be safe or effective. When a product is not regulated by the FDA there is no way to guarantee the quality, efficacy and safety of the ingredients used.

Please do your research before using something that has been blindly recommended as you may be doing more harm than good.

May be an image of text that says "VetR TM VETERINARY REMEDY FOR STANDARD AND RARE POULTRY, INCLUDING BANTAMS • DUCKS TURKEYS GEESE GAME BIRDS Effective relief and prevention of Colds, Roup, Scaly Legs, "Eye Worm". etR VETERINARY REMEDY For the temporary thetemporary_reliet relief of symptoms caused by spiratory infections, colds, wheezing and snitlles. Ellective against Mites and Ear Canker. POULTRY REMEDY INGREDIENTS: Made with 3% 3,3%V-V)AlcoholU.S.P.This (V (V-V) Alcohol This proven mixture contains Canada Balsam, Camphor, Oil Origanum, Oil Rosemary, blended in corn oil base. 100% Natural Net Contents: 2fl.oz.(59ml) 21l. OZ. (59 ml)"

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