Getting Horses Ready For Winter

By Deb Haines Proper horse care and management during the winter is essential. As it becomes colder, the horses requirements for energy, shelter and hoof care begin to change. This HVC file explains the different requirements horses have during the winter and practices horse owners can do to meet those requirements. Your horse needs moreContinue reading “Getting Horses Ready For Winter”

Hoof Problems and Care

By Deb Haines Horses mom and dad both had good feet just don’t understood why hers are so bad. Any ideas please let me know. Is there anyway to improve the thickness of the hoof wall? My horse’s hooves are peeling so I have hoof questions. Toe cracks A) B) WhatContinue reading “Hoof Problems and Care”

FAQ – Pastern Dermatitis / Scratches

By Dr. Richards Information for the many of you that are dealing with Equine Pastern Dermatitis (aka Scratches/Mud Fever). It can be found in the “Files” section of this page. ‘Tis the season… For lots of concern about problems with the skin on the lower legs of our horses.Equine Pastern Dermatitis (EPD), along with itsContinue reading “FAQ – Pastern Dermatitis / Scratches”

Podiatry – Hoof Capsule Cracks

By Dr. Alicia Nolfi Everything that we see externally in the equine foot is a direct result of what is happening internally. The foot is a dynamic organ that has suspension and support components working together to achieve stability and movement. When all components of the foot are healthy and have total recall, the footContinue reading “Podiatry – Hoof Capsule Cracks”