Common Chicken Questions

By Deb Haines

1) what can be used to cover a wound?

2) why is my chicken pulling the feathers out of the other chickens?

3) Can turkey poults have medicated feed?

4) When administering Tylan 50 for poultry; what is the dosage?

5) What is the treatment times here for coccidiosis?

6) Broken beak, what can I do?

7) Young chick has air in chest, what can I do?

8) What is the treatment for severe wry neck?

9) where to send a fecal off for testing ?

10 ) Ivermectin for lice/mites and worms in chickens

11) Is there a withdrawal period for eating eggs during and after treatment with Corid?

12) Why does the end of my rooster’s comb turn purple or black (in the summer)?

13) Tell me about ILT (Infectious Laryngotracheitis)

14) What can I do for bumblefoot? Is surgery really necessary?

15) What causes a distended crop and what do I do about it?

16) Why is Baytril illegal for use in poultry in the US?

17) Tell me about Marek’s

18) What is Bumblefoot ?

19) How long do chickens lay eggs ? /552851661524633/permalink/682823215194143/

20) Why would a chicken be drinking a lot if water? More than normal

21) I Would like to top dress my feed with selenium biotin. Is there any real benefit nutritionally and are there any health concerns?

22) Chicken Embryo development Video

23) What is the treatment for Sour Crop ?

24) Coccidiosis treatment

25) My best laying hen has turned herself into a rooster?

26) I have heard you shouldn’t feed layer feed to a mixed flock, roosters and hens. Is this true?

27) Is this an impacted sinus or something else?

28) How many days can eggs sit out before you put them in an incubator?

29) What are the recommended ways to remove/trim spurs on a rooster?

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