Not Enough Pet History!

By Deb Haines

Importance of pets history, way to many questions are coming in with no information or very little, we will not approve posts now that do not have enough information. Vets do not have time to ask you for more history, this is your responsibility.

History…When you ask your question to the veterinarians, please provide as much history as stated below that applies to your question for the vets..

1)Dog or Cat

2) Breed

3) Age

4) Is your pet spayed or neutered

5) Vaccination History

6) Past medical history or problems……. If you have vet reports include them (labs, rads, etc)- the more info we have, the more we can help. If you have tried unorthodox things- let’s hear it…( Vets Rx some for certain things b/c nothing else works)- we are all here to learn.

7) Please definitely do black out surnames, practice names etc. Pictures are great – but must be in focus and a close up and far a way shot please.

8) Provide details: Vets like them. If they didn’t – they would have never become veterinarians…they thrive on details and facts

9) Medications..Please list any medication that your pet is on, include.. type, frequency, dosage, and formulation (eg compounded over brand name, liquid, injectable, tablet)

10) Problem as you see it, how long, progressive (worsening) or chronic (stable/not improving)

11) What has been done already, what was offered and not performed, outcome/response

12) Is your pet on flea / tick prevention,please list the product that you use

13) Pet on Heartworm prevention, if so please list product used.

14) Diet… How much are you currently feeding? How often do you feed your pet? Feeding supplements,

15)Do you feed your pet people food?

16) Pet a inside or outside pet ? if inside, how many hours does your pet spend outside ?

NOTE… put all your pets symptoms down.

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