Emergency Pet Fund

By Deb Haines

The average is 1 out of 10 posts to PVC, the member states has no funds to take sick dog or cat to vets, we watch in here dogs struggling to birth puppies, new born puppies/kittens needing emergency care, dogs/cats hit by cars, severe dog fight wounds, broken legs and i can keep going on.

Members become upset when the volunteer vets in here cannot help you with emergencies and can only suggest you seek veterinary care immediately.

Let’s deal with the realty of this, Do you really believe there is a way to fix a broken leg through cyber space, take needed X Rays? Stitch a deep wound, give IV line and meds to your dog or cat who is in serious need of care to save it’s life?

You must take responsibility of owning your pet and and face they cost money to keep. It is part of having them. Do remember ones income does not matter if one should own a pet or not, I have seen people do without to pay their vet bills, I have seen wealthy people feel its “just a dog” or “just a cat” so let’s not judge, this post is about making a funding jar or check into pet insurance and planning for future emergencies.

Time to make a plan

We all know emergencies happen that are no faut of your own, it is important to have money set aside to cover the unexpected.

In the future, you may find yourself facing some unexpected pet vet expenses. Such bills can be pricey depending on what is needed, and can even set you back several hundred to thousands of dollars.

Instead of breaking your budget and draining your bank account, why not create an emergency pet fund? Creating an emergency pet fund can be quite easy, so take a peek below at how to create your own.

Save your change.

Each time you go to the store and get change back, throw it in a jar. Change adds up quickly and you will hardly miss it. Once the jar is full, cash it in for cash for your emergency pet fund. Most banks have the coin cashing machines which make the job easy.

Hold a yearly yard sale.

Hold a yard sale each spring or summer and then save the money for your emergency fund. This is a great way to get rid of clutter while setting aside some money at the same time.

Limit amount of times you eat out a month, throw one of the times out to eat in the Pet fund jar.

Yes, many live paycheck to paycheck and its extremely difficult, take one dollar and put in that jar as if you never had it if possible. It makes a difference.

As we read some of these reasons for no funds on this group….

“We are going on a vacation next week no spare money”

” I just bought new furniture not knowing dog would get sick”

” not my problem dog ate my boyfriends drugs”

” We just bought a house so no money for emergency”

Folks, owning a pet is costly at times, it is your reposability to be aware the moment you get a pet, that there is a chance besides needing yearly vet exam, vaccines that the pet could get ill and costly.

Please look into pet insurance, and start that emergency funding jar.


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