Common PVC Dog Questions

By Deb Haines

Health Concerns

Dog developed red spots and has lost weight

My dog has heartworms

Tip of dogs penis is out and swollen

Dog diagnosed with collapsed trachea.

Dog developed lump on shoulder

Dog has cough

6 month old English bulldog had diarrhea and vomit in his kennel overnight

Senior dog arthritis in both knees

Dog has slow growing lump on her toe

What type of “over the counter” meds can be given to dogs for joint inflammation?

Is there ever any situation in which you would condone breeding a dog with OFA Mild Hip Dysplasia

Dog Itching and no fleas

Blue green Algae

Are Essential oils harmful

The stages of the dog heat cycle


Puppy and dog vaccinations

Parvovirus …( Any puppy with bloody stool )

Puppy teeth

Internal Parasites

Treating Tapeworms

What to use for heartworms

Fleas and Ticks

Question about flea control

Fleas on my farm

I have tried everything for fleas!

I have a bunch of questions about flea control.

Flea and tick med comparisons

Heat stroke in Dogs and cats

Dogs and Ice/Ice Cubes

Learning to Perform CPR on your pet

Poison Control


Best dog foods

Pet Nutrition…

Pet Nutrition…Learning To Feed Correctly By Facts And Science

Best joint supplement for aging dogs.

The risks of a RAW DIET

POOR DIET ..We vets get questions daily about diet. This is a good example of why we recommend commercial diet that has gone through feeding trials.

Why does my dog eat poop ?

Building a relationship with your veterinarian


Should I seek behavioral vet medicine for my dog?

Is this normal position for my dog?


NOTE …. Pet Vet Corner Members: If your pet ingests a poison, call ASPCA animal poison control at (888) 426-4435. There is a charge ($65) but the information is invaluable, and you and your vet can call back for more information for that case.

Dog ate bottle of Apo-Naproxen,

Ibuprofen toxicity.

Video of an “in caul” delivery.

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