Thinking About a Career in Veterinary Medicine?

By Deb Haines The doctors get asked a few times a month in Goat Vet Corner and in Horse Vet Corner suggestions on entering vet school, Dr. Chastine has been kind enough to provide some helpful information. M Nanette Chastine DVM …….. I taught undergraduate and was a pre-vet advisor, so hopefully I can offerContinue reading “Thinking About a Career in Veterinary Medicine?”

List of Avian Labs

By Deb Haines 1) Vermont Department of Agriculture Laboratories103 South Main StreetWaterbury, VT 05671-0101Phone: (802) 244-4510 Fax: (802) 241-3008 2) Avian Health & Food Safety LaboratoryWashington State University2607 West PioneerPuyallup, WA 98371-4990Phone: (253) 445-4536Fax: (253) 445-4544 3) Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory445 Easterday LaneMadison, WI 53706Phone: (608) 262-5432Fax: (847) 574-8085  4) Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory-Barron1521 East GuyContinue reading “List of Avian Labs”

List of Avian Vets

By Deb Haines List of Avian Vets (list not complete) vets that wish name on here please email Dr. Laura Pylman Mid-Michigan Equine Services, PPLC 517-651-1235 ( out of Laingsburg) Dr. Hillary Frank North Central Animal Hospital AZ Phoenix 602-395-9773 Dr. Tracey Ritzman Palm Glen Animal Hospital AZ Phoenix 602-841-1200 Dr. Evelyn IveyFour CornersContinue reading “List of Avian Vets”

Build A Trusting Relationship With Your Veterinarian

By Deb Haines The Veterinarian job is a lot harder than it looks. It is emotional, humbling, challenging, most will probably not make a fortune. They will, however, belong to a group of highly trained professionals that have the ability to make a real difference in the lives of animals and people. When people thinkContinue reading “Build A Trusting Relationship With Your Veterinarian”