Informational Posts

Informational Posts from Exotic Vet Dr. David Jeffery By Deb Haines This file will be ongoing as Dr. Jeffery adds more educational posts to the Exotic Vet Corner HamstersBasic hamster care[0]=AZXh5G96hfzAzxNL4qA1fGr7sdOtlhKVZX_h46ZZWI0HF6Zx9PS1yAqZcZJkunXP0SiMQ_Itf90u-8kUVFpo2TMftLdDanM6VYbZf1X7b2ozvzgWJaeuGBm-o4bF_I_MWPELqtkjDUcuGlrcoE3LdXeg&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R RabbitsRabbits on poor diet[0]=AZWH6cHZlT2zSgYmQVT_6fcGVIkjMvredMG05pXOIhkxvO1KvXho35ejDhpsm_7OZBYLKhMoiChrSEiFtkWIeiLoXK7frlz-iOuGJCoS-bMdVr6N_ano4Xcw9YKO-iqRwlMZgI2t-4aqGpsK2sbga4OA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R ParrotsParrot results of poor diet[0]=AZVbPi7TE4IHaUVa5fGnMel6DZbLJvZ81BoyvFo2sb9UmR5PkOUEHdYqVNQhZ6bvLmovwtMzVTYsT2ihmezyYvZbjZ6ab_kSW9prFi7KeUL5hQzB29vUvsLthOgb0nCC5zUkcRuOWZSVCAFCafSMfsB0&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Find an orphaned or injured baby wild animal?

By Deb Haines It’s common to see baby wild animals outside during spring, as a new generation makes its way into the world. Baby wild animals might seem like they need our help, but unless the animal is truly orphaned or injured, there is no need to rescue them. These tips can help you decideContinue reading “Find an orphaned or injured baby wild animal?”