Q & A …. How HVC Works

By Deb Haines

Horse Vet Corner is a Facebook group dedicated to vets answering members questions about Equine Health and Care. This is a learning site where veterinarians volunteer their time to help further educate horse owners. This group has strict rules for the purpose of keeping it a veterinary site. Please don’t take it personal when your comments/advice are deleted or you are tagged on the group rules.

Look at Horse Vet Corner as if you are in a classroom when you come to this group. You read the different posts ( cases) as if you were listening to a teacher/professor talk in the classroom, in this case it’s multiple veterinarians. You would not stand up in a class and disrupt the class by giving your opinion so please do not do it in here by commenting on the different cases..

The concept of HVC, We strive to educate (teach, not preach) so you can be good stewards of your equine friends. Vets here at HVC do not prescribe drugs, nor do they diagnose your animal Period.

Many do provide information you could obtain from medical books or your local vet (if you had one or could afford one). When we say “a common dose is …” or “some use XYZ” or “what you are describing could be”, it is not a prescription, nor a diagnosis. Only a veterinarian with a hands-on exam (at least now) can diagnose an animal’s health condition. When it is said “it could be XYZ”, it is not a diagnosis, it is a recounting of information you could look up if you had the time or the book handy.

The only diagnosing and prescribing we have seen has been on websites or in other FB horse groups by lay people, often incorrectly and without benefit of understanding physiology, drug interactions, or simply how a horse functions.

Horse Vet Corner is not about getting all these questions answered instantly like you do in other Facebook groups. There is no entitlement and no question has to be answered by these volunteer veterinarians. The questions will get answered as the vets who VOLUNTEER their time come online in between really busy work schedules, farm calls, family and a home to take care of…They are trying to help by sharing what little time they have, show them some respect and appreciate for the gift of knowledge!

Q&A …..About The Rules And How HVC Functions.

1) Where are the group rules kept ?
The rules for HVC are kept as pinned posts under announcements, this also is where new rule changes or important information to group members.
Pinned post….. https://www.facebook.com/groups/277077519400687/permalink/277086072733165/

2) What is a pinned post/announcement ?
A pinned post/announcement is a post that will remain at the top of the group page until removed, used often for rules, announcements ect.

3) How do I know who the vets are ?
In the group rules is a up to date list of all approved vets to participate in HVC .
We screen the vets and check licenses/identification before allowing them to post on threads for their safety and members. It also states special approvals to post on HVC.

4) Why are only vets allowed to answer questions?
People come here to see a veterinary perspective on issues and questions, not trainers, breeders, or others where those opinions are found in many other places on the Internet. In sum, do not just jump in and start answering a question. Do not fill the feed with “noise”. Some people actually save the questions and answers – free vet advice and info is not easily obtained it seems. This is an informational group in a social arena – tough to make it work at times, but we can if we work together.

5) Why was my advice deleted ?
If you are not a DVM, BVSc, BVMS (vet) or approved by Deb Haines there is no commenting. This is a veterinary learning site..admins keep threads clear.

6) I was not commenting or giving advice, I was saying what I experienced, why was it deleted ?
We allow no commenting or past experiences shared on pages, unless you are the OP giving more history. This adds to clutter on threads. Keep in mind the “Monkey see, Monkey do” one member see’s you post your experience then others want to share theirs.

7) I have owned horses for years, why can’t I answer questions ?
If not a DVM (vet) you do not comment. This group was created for Veterinarians to have a place of their own. Members come here to hear a vets perspective based on facts/science and experience. Keep in mind their is all kinds of horse groups where you can share your horse knowledge. please respect the veterinarians having a place to share their knowledge and experience.

Why are we not allowed to pm other members giving advice ?
( PMing instant removal from HVC)
Why would a vet bother to answer if know-it-alls are going to jump in and give false info? There are other groups you can go to – search on “goat” and your options are right there. Remember this is for a vets perspective
Members – if you let us know who is PMing we will remove the offenders and we can keep going forward. Help us keep it clean and vets-only. Help us be courteous to the vets who so freely give of their time and knowledge.
We offer a vet’s perspective to give this important (and life saving) information for the benefit of your goats and, by extension, you. Please respect these efforts with not PMing or accepting PM’s, and inform of us of PM’s so we can remove the offenders who laugh in the face of our guidelines and disrespect everyone here. Those that PM others will be block permanently from HVC and our connected groups.

9) Why can’t we PM the vets ?
DO NOT PM VETS – it is intrusive and rude. Please let the vets have their privacy… think about how many PM’s these vets would get, the vets themselves have requested this rule to be firm. Members who PM vets will be permanently blocked from HVC. This also defeats the purpose of the group. Vets do report all pm’s they get to me.( Deb Haines)

10) Why has my question not been answered yet ?
Most questions are not an emergency. Usually someone tries to get back to a question asked in 48 hours, sometimes much faster, sometimes longer. vets at certain times of year are extremely busy. Time zones matter. Even vets sleep. If it is an “emergency” and no answer is seen for help from a vet fast enough for you, move on to another source. Check frequently for an answer, because if it is an emergency the vet may be delaying care to others to help you. Consider calling a local emergency vet clinic if you can. Members here should not jump in and answer lest it be thought of as being vet advice. Not all vets ID their job in their FB name.

If your post does not get answered within in 10 days, please copy the link of your post and place in on our unanswered post link. The vets will check this link for answer unanswered or lost posts, if this does not help then tag me on your post (Deb Haines)
Link to placing unanswered posts after 10 days…..https://www.facebook.com/groups/277077519400687/permalink/524109888030781/

11) I have a Emergency and no vet has answered yet ?
Horse Vet Corner is NOT a 24/7 online veterinary Emergency site…Vets answer questions as their time permits. Remember they have a practice to run, farm calls, emergencies and a life outside of Facebook…..please call a hands on vet if a option in a emergency..DO NOT wait for a vet from HVC.

12) Are these vets licensed ?
Yes, there are real, licensed vets with DVM and other letters after their names answering questions here, some board certified multiple times, and an extension professional with PhD after their name. It is hoped the “knowledge is free” idea can be expanded and more vets participate.

13) What do the admins do ?
HVC has a large team of admins who scan 24/7 to keep HVC safe from poor advice, nasty comments,spam and making sure you are getting advice from a approved vet..it is an admins job to keep the vets and the members in a safe environment as much as possible. Each member is screened to the best possibility. Admins remove members who refuse to follow the groups rules, Pm other members with advice while on this group, show disrespectful behavior towards vets and members. Keep in mind there would be no veterinary groups available without the hard work of the admins and moderators. The work is not easy and the members are not always friendly to these good people.

14) Who is main Admin ?
Deb Haines is the main admin and creator of Horse Vet Corner, please pm all problems , concerns and questions to her. If no response within reasonable amount of time please Pm
Melanie Maria Liner. DO NOT send moderators PM’s. We ask members to please be respectful of admins and moderators, they volunteer their time daily to keep this group running.

15) How do you follow a certain case ?
How to follow the different posts on Horse Vet Corner and how to turn off notifications https://www.facebook.com/groups/277077519400687/permalink/510827802692323/

16) How do I get to the group files ? https://www.facebook.com/groups/277077519400687/permalink/448689458906158/

17) How do you do a search on HVC ?
At the very top of the cell there will be a little mag glass icon…type in the line that says Horse Vet Corner and a key word…..example …. cracked hoof, or bad feet if asking question about hoof trouble.

Link to how to do a group search…https://www.facebook.com/groups/277077519400687/permalink/549305248844578/

18) EDIT>>>>> ON HOLD FOR NOW What is a Topic Night ? And where are these held ?
Topic Night is a certain night we pick from time to time to provide the group with a vets perspective on certain topics from Hoof problems to emergency Aid to Parasites, strangles and more…Each topic night is announced a month early and posts with details are ran through the group weekly

19) I asked a question , why did i get a posted link from a previous members question ?
HVC gets multiple posts a day of repeat questions…Vets or main admin Deb Haines will copy/paste the appropriate link or similar.

20) How do I know it is a real vet responding to my questions ? Deb Haines contacts each individual vet and getting all the information/details before able to participate in HVC…we research making sure all vets are legit and we also check license and if active or not, along with state and type of practice.. we also check for red flags or any concerns. if a risk we will remove from group to prevent posting.

21) Why was I suddenly removed from HVC ?
Disruptive folks are simply deleted. Do not take offense if a post you made suddenly disappears, it is merely housecleaning occurring. If you wish an explanation for a deletion contact Deb Haines main admin. The HVC admin/mod team keeps track of all members being removed and screen shots taken are logged in a private admin group. This information is kept to be able to give a member explanation if needed.

22) What are grounds for a member to be blocked from HVC ?
Admins will block if……
A) bashing/ disrespecting a vet, admin or another member B) foul language
C) Posting links to other groups
D) Giving advice or commenting
E) spam F) Removing information without permission G) Screen shots shared from HVC to other groups H) PMing other members medical advice or Pming the veterinarians I) Removing files J) Blocking a admin/mod K) Posting angry faces and if refuse to remove will be blocked

23) EDIT….. As of June 1st 2017 , we have stopped all follow of questions due to members constantly posting advice and ending it with a question. Maybe in the future we can allow this again.

24) May I ask the OP questions ?
No, it is not up to members to ask the OP questions or to drill them…The vets will ask the information if needed or the main admin will get any needed for vets a head of time.

25) Why does links from another group get deleted ?
A lay person’s advice is everywhere when it is merely opinion and most often the opinion of a lay person, not a vet. Be critical in your reading. Ask for proof and hard-core reasoning. Web sites ending in ‘edu’ or “Gov” are often good resources.
These are just some of the questions that are asked numerous times on HVC…I hope this is helpful in covering questions on how Horse Vet Corner functions, and gives you a better understanding. Please remember at all times these vets are volunteers, they are under NO obligation to answer any questions on this group..Vets that are participating are doing this because they care, these vets want to provide you with correct information which is all based on science and facts. This is their perspective when answering the questions. Remember there is NO entitlement here, appreciate the fact that in between running a practice, farm calls, emergency calls, a family and some sleep they offer this service.
Please understand vets are allowed to have a group also, and if you don’t agree then just don’t be part of it…quietly remove yourself……admin
Horse Vet Corner recommends for members to always establish a relationship with a local Vet ( if a option) .

26) Why do I need to give my horses history? The HVC doctors just like in their practice need a history. Details and facts are what they like to know to formulate an opinion/perspective. Having details helps answer the questions you post here in HVC. Those who provide little history your post may be passed by.
Link to history needed for the vets…. https://www.facebook.com/groups/277077519400687/permalink/568178270290609/

27) Emoji’s/reactions ….We DO NOT allow certain emoji’s here on HVC. The angry face emoji is not allowed and you will be removed for using this. the Angry face emoji has caused way to much disruptions with the OP wanting to know why someone is angry on their sick or etc. then arguments start within OP and members..DO NOT USE ONE. Laughing faces… use them wisely, do not use on a members question, here in HVC there is no such thing as a dumb question. Please be respectful.

link on Angry face emoji’s https://www.facebook.com/groups/277077519400687/permalink/670585323383236/

28) Deleting your Post to HVC...please keep in mind this is a veterinary learning site, if a vet takes their volunteer time to respond to your post and you delete the post, not only have you wasted the vets time, you have removed the knowledge the vets have provided to the other HVC members. We do remove members and block from HVC for deleting posts.

If there is a reason you feel the post must be removed, please contact me and we will discuss the issue.
Link on deleting your post … https://www.facebook.com/groups/277077519400687/permalink/716582428783525/

29) Screen shots….. We DO NOT allow screen shots to be taken of members posts and placed in other groups, you will be called out on this on group and blocked from HVC and our connected veterinary groups. HVC should be a safe place to post and not have their information spread around Facebook to be bashed like many of the past cases. Please be respectful, you never know in the future if you need some guidance on this group and need to post.

Link on Screen shots…https://www.facebook.com/groups/277077519400687/permalink/670585323383236/

30) Why do i see there are comments, but when i click on the comments there are zero ? Facebook had a change where even if a member comments and the comment is deleted it will still show that a comment was made, they keep track of the amount of commenting on each post. here in HVC admins and Mods delete all non vet commenting unless it is between the vet and OP. you will still see the amount of comments made even when deleted by admins.


The Vet Corner Groups are run solely by volunteers. If you would like to support the groups, please feel free to make a donation to the running costs of the groups and websites. We thank you for your kindness!

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