Learning the Scoop About Cat Poop

By Deb Haines

The Scoop

You can learn a lot about your cat’s health from his poop. Whether you’ve just adopted your first kitten or you’ve shared your home with cats for years, watch for a few key signs when you scoop out the litter box.

Learning what the texture and color means …. https://pets.webmd.com/cats/the-scoop-on-cat-poop#1


Constipation is a clinical sign that is not pathognomonic for any particular cause. Most commonly, constipation is a result and sign of dehydration. The body is 65% to 75% water, depending on a cat’s age and percent body fat.

Learn about Constipation in cats and what to look for and do…. https://www.dvm360.com/view/all-bunged-unclogging-constipated-cat

Untreated constipation

In cases of advanced and untreated constipation, says Dr. Goldstein, “The cat is completely unable to evacuate its bowels. The intestines get stretched to the point at which translocation of bacteria begins. That is, the barrier that normally prevents bacteria from moving from the animal’s feces into its bloodstream is no longer functioning. The cat becomes systemically ill and, if not treated, will die.”

Link to understanding untreated constipation in cats ….. https://www.vet.cornell.edu/departments-centers-and-institutes/cornell-feline-health-center/health-information/feline-health-topics/constipation

Normal Cat Faeces Chart

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