Common PVC Cat Questions

By Deb Haines

Health Concerns

My Cat developed a fluid pocket in her ear

Cat carrying the Corona virus

Why my cat might be fat ?

Cat has PTS

How long after kittens are weaned and mama be spayed?

Cat chipped point of fang, should I be concerned?

Do all CKD cats have a large urine output?

Fleas and Ticks

My cats have open scab/sores on her neck and shoulders from flea bites or a skin infection.

Older Cat reaction to flea treatment

Treated cat for fleas, they seem to bother more now

Kittens with Fleas

Cat pulls out hair in bunches

Internal Parasites

Pregnant cat has worms

Are worms from cat transmissible to other animals

Fecal came back positive for roundworms


NOTE ….Pet Vet Corner Members: If your pet ingests a poison, call ASPCA animal poison control at (888) 426-4435. There is a charge ($65) but the information is invaluable, and you and your vet can call back for more information for that case

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