There is a lot of controversy regarding the safety and efficacy of giving Aspirin to poultry for pain management.

It has been proven as not safe. By the time an effective dosage is reached liver and kidney damage can occur. With the dosage that is circulating through various groups and blogs it could take as little as a 1/4 cup of mixture before toxicity was reached. Not to mention that aspirin is not water soluble, so a toxic dose could be reached much faster as the aspirin particles sink to the bottom of the waterer making the mixture more concentrated as the bird drinks. Often toxicity signs are not obvious until is it too late to do anything about. You may not even notice any signs. There is also major risks involved when needing to give pain medication after a predator attack – there is no way to ensure that there is not internal bleeding without a vet exam. Giving aspirin in this type of situation can increase internal bleeding.

While it is extremely important to administer pain medication in a timely manner, the risks of giving Aspirin outweigh any benefits that it may have.


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